The main objective of the National Federative is to promote Urban Cooperative Credit movement in the country. The other objectives of the Federation are as under:

To provide a forum for discussion and follow up of issues relating to urban cooperative banks and co-operative thrift and credit societies.
To promote and protect interest of member institutions and take up their problems individually and collectively at appropriate forum as well as with the concerned authorities /regulators.
To interact and liaise with the Ministries of the Union Government, State Governments, the Reserve Bank of India, NABARD, Commercial Banks, financial sector institutions, representatives of various bodies of financial, industrial and trading sectors both at national and at international levels.
To promote urban cooperative credit movement in India and to undertake studies /research projects related to the Movement.
To organize by itself and / or in collaboration with other bodies, conferences, conventions, workshops, seminars and discussions on banking and financial services, cooperation, management and allied subjects.
To arrange publication of periodicals, news bulletins and journals, to interact with media on behalf of the sector and to exchange information of common interest of member banks and to cooperate with the NCUI, NCCT, ICA, ICBA, CAB, NIBM, NIBSCOM, BIRD, IIB, IBA or any other such national or international organization in the field of education, training and publicity.
To develop and administer by itself or along with other institutions, schemes for mutual benefit of urban cooperative credit institutions, and to take such action or enter into such agreements as may be necessary for furtherance of the objectives.
To develop expertise in the areas of banking, management, technology and offer consultancy services to the member institutions.
To take membership of other national and international institutions.
To undertake all activities and discharge all functions of a Federal Cooperative as envisaged in section 24 of the Multi State Cooperative Societies Act, 2002.


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