General Body

The General body of the National Federation is the supreme authority being vested with all the powers.

The General body of the Federation shall consist of one delegate from each member society.

Every delegate shall have one vote, provided that in the case of equality of votes the Chairman. Presiding Officer shall have an additional casting vote.

The delegate of a member society which has not been a member of the  Federation  for  at  least  30  days  before the date of the general body may  attend  the  general  body  meeting  but  shall not be eligible either to exercise  the right to vote, participate in the election or to hold office.

Delegates from defaulting member  society  shall  not  be  entitled to exercise the right to vote or to seek election to any office. 

The delegate of defaulting society, if holding any office of the federation, shall forfeit his/her right  to  hold  such  office  with  effect  from  the date on which the society becomes  defaulter  under  these  bye-laws, provided notice is given to the defaulting member society and it fails to pay its dues within 30 days after the receipt of notice.



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